Riding in the car part 1

As you all know, I hate riding in the car. Mom got the brilliant idea that maybe it’s because I’m confined. It doesn’t matter how much I like to play in my carrier when it’s at home or how easily I’ll get it in to go somewhere. As soon as I’m in the car I start meowing my head off. It’s the only time I’m loud. So Mom got me a dog kennel for the car.

That’s right, a dog kennel. Something big enough for me to walk around in and look out the windows so I can see stuff, but I’m still not loose in the car. Mom found a collapsible one with a nice fuzzy bed. It was even pink! She set it up in the house for us to get used to, and we’ve all taken turns sleeping in it.

This morning Mom put me in the kennel, closed it up, and carried me out to the car. Well, I told her. She should not have shut the door on me! I liked it open. I cried until we started driving around. Then I realized that I could walk around and see out and it was quite the adventure! We drove around for about 45 minutes and I was quiet the whole ride. We started out on slow streets and kept working our way up to faster and faster roads. We even got on a road where we went 75 MPH! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

It was an adventure for Mom, too. The front of the kennel kept coming unlocked. Mom was very glad that I didn’t notice that because I could have gotten out of the kennel if I had.  When we got home mom figured out why the kennel wouldn’t stay closed – the lid wasn’t clamped down properly. Mom’s not sure we’re going to keep this kennel even though I like it. We need something Mom can easily take out of the car at rest stops so she can take me in with her. The alternative would be hauling out the stroller and putting me in that so Mom doesn’t have to leave me in the car at rest stops.

Mom picked up a different kind of kennel today –  a soft sided one with bars that lock in place to keep it open. She’s going to see how I like that one in the car. It will probably be easier to move from place to place, but it’s harder for me to see out of, so we’ll see which I like better. Or, we may have to try a third style. I’ll post pictures and links to the carriers when we’re done testing them and see which I like best.

4 thoughts on “Riding in the car part 1

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  2. She’s trying hard. The carrier we tried today is going back. It’s too hard to put in and take out of the car for rest stops. We’re gonna try 2 different soft sided carriers this week while mom’s on staycation. Cross your paws We find a good solution. I really want to go to Blogpaws!

  3. Your mom sure iz smart to figure owt wat you likes. Furry soon Iz sure you will haz your purrfikt solushun so you can go to blogpaws. I wish I had a smart purrson to figure owt wat I want. I mean its so obveeyuss!

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