Neighborhood Walk

Hi stroller pals, Mr. Boots here.  I haven’t posted yet because it’s been a long time since I got to go on a walk, but this morning the humom surprised me!  We went on a walk around our neighborhood. It was noisy with so many birds and a dog barked at us! It was a close call, I can tell you. I thought I was a very brave kitty but the scares weren’t over. This was maybe the scariest walk ever! I saw a ghoul, gravestones, and….it was so scary I can’t even meow it but check out the pictures and you’ll be scared too.

spring flowers in October?

Texas Sage in Arizona

Painted cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus



Scary ghoul

Uh oh

Mr Boots and the Skull of Doom



3 thoughts on “Neighborhood Walk

  1. The flowers are beautiful, but OMC! What a scary walk! I love that I can see you peeking out of the stroller in the last picture.

  2. I had wondered of that was Pandora’s Mr. Boots. I didn’t know she had one of those fabulous strollers too. Geesh, everyone has one but me it seems. Beautiful pictures of AZ. Nice to see all the pretty flowers when all of our are dead now.

  3. Hi! What a nice stroll you had, Mr Boots! Our Teri said she used to live in the desert and really loved the fall weather there! You took some great photos and we didn’t realize how spooky a stroll could be, either!

    We joined the Brigade a while back but hadn’t been out strolling so we had nuffin to report. We got our first stroller, a bottom of the line 3 wheel Pet Gear back in 2005, and called it the Pink Catillac cuz it was pink. Teri pimped it out for cat shows and then was too embarrassed to take us out on the streets in it! Then about a year ago we got a Pet Gear AT3, just like Pumpkin Puddy’s. Teri kept this one more ‘street legal’ but still didn’t take us out much! Then a couple of months ago, she found out she has osteopurrosis and guess what? The Dr said she needs to start walking, and doing weight bearing exercises…so now we have been going out strolling twice a week and woohoo, we loves it. ‘Cept Teri only remembered to take her camera once! But we posted some pix on our bloggie (we don’t know if we can post them here though).

    Then, guess what?! A furriend donated his barely used AT3 to us cuz his cat was too fraidy to go outside in it. It’s the model with air filled tires and it rides sooo smooth and is soooo quite (which we cats are not!). But while loading it up in her car one time, Teri must have lost the tire pump it came with, so her friend went into a bike shop and got her a new one…and we wanted to share with everyone what a great pump it is! It’s a Lezyne Alloy Drive S 112g, made for mountain bikes. Unlike the flimsy pump the stroller came with, this one is made well and can top off the tires in about 8-10 pumps! Teri said she broke out in a sweat using the old one before she even started exercising, hahameow! The new pump cost about $30 but it’s well worth it and we wanted to share that info with other strolling cats, as when Teri was looking online at pumps, most had cwappy reviews and either broke or didn’t work very well!

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