A Surprise in the Meadow

Mom took me for a walk in the meadow behind the house yesterday. Boy, were we in for a wonderful surprise! Usually everything turns brown by mid-August. We’ve had a lot more rain than usual this year, so we were greeted by lots of flowers!

Our favorites are the yellow ones. It’s like looking at little rays of sunshine.

We also saw lots of these:

I had so much fun watching these things hop around. Some of them flew, too, and had really pretty wings.

At one point we thought our walk was gonna be ruined by this:

We kept walking anyway and guess what? It wasn’t closed! We got to walk the whole loop just like we wanted. It was an exciting day, thanks to the grasshoppers.

I can’t wait to hear some your adventures.

2 thoughts on “A Surprise in the Meadow

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  2. BOL you lucky kitty, wow looks like you had a blast. me n daddy go on the same kind of trips in my stroller too. that is so pawsome. hey maybe see you at #pawpawty. did y see my Laughlin blog. I went all around the casinos n eating ribs in bed. n play with a big fish i found. your friend bobbles98

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