Pet Gear AT3 Stroller Review

This was originally posted September 17, 2010 over at Adventures of a Suburban Kitty. I thought it would be appropriate to put it here, too. There’s also a follow-up review which I’m also going to report.

My pals, you’ve all heard me talk about my stroller that I love so much. I decided it’s long past time I did a proper product review of it. The stroller I have is the Pet Gear AT3. The link is to the latest version of the stroller. Mine is the previous version. Here I am sleeping in it. I love sleeping in it.

Mom picked this one in particular after reading about at least three dozen different ones. She picked this one because it’s very tall, about 40″ when it’s unfolded. This was important to mom because she’s pretty tall for a lady. She also wanted one with big tires so we could go where there’s mulch and hardpack and not have to stay on sidewalk. It also has a basket underneath for stuff, a bad weather cover, and a tray for drinks. You can see the basket and the tray in the picture. You can also see that the back opens for getting in and out. The front does too, but I don’t have a picture of that. I always go in and out the back. It comes with a nice pad to make it comfy, but mom put my fleecy bed in it cause I’m partial to my fleecy beds. MOL. But it really doesn’t need it.

You can’t quite tell in the picture but it has nice big all-terrain tires. Mom takes me all kinds of places like parks and stuff cause these tires will go anywhere. It also has a very comfy ride. I’ve been in my stroller for hours at a time without being uncomfortable. Here I am at the park near my house. It has a nice lake.

I only weigh about 8.5 pounds, but this stroller is good for pets up to 60 pounds. Mom wanted me to have lots of room to play or to bring my friends. Here I am with Treasure. He likes to ride in it, too. See how roomy it is? (The mad face is cause Mom had the flashy box in my face again. MOL)

The most important thing is this is a good company. I had a little problem with the stroller. It folds up to go in the car, and when Mom unfolded it to take me to Blogpaws, one of the screen windows tore. It happens. Every company, no matter how good their quality control is, is gonna have something go wrong sometimes with their product. What makes the difference is what they do about it. Pet Gear stood behind their product and took care of the problem. I was very impressed with that.

This is a very good stroller. It’s comfy, it’s sturdy, it’s easy to use, and has lots of conveniences. I give it 4 paws out of 5. It lost one paw because the instructions weren’t very good and the tray was very difficult to put on. Mine doesn’t have a strap inside to hook my harness to either, but I read that the new ones do. I would recommend this stroller to anyone who’s looking for a stroller for their pet.

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