Welcome to Pumpkin’s Stroller Brigade

Welcome to the Pumpkin Stroller brigade website. There’s lots to see here like the welcome page, the Pumpkin Stroller Brigade store, and this page where you can write about your adventures. I also want to add pages where you can show off your pictures from your adventures, list good places to go in your stroller, and a member’s gallery listing all the members on their website badge.

That’s right, a badge for your website showing that you’re a member of the Pumpkin Stroller Brigade. Now, I’m not much of an artist, so I’d like one of you to design a badge. It has to be something I can put each member’s picture on, but still shows what the stroller brigade is about – getting out and about in your wheels with your humans. I’ll take entries for the next two weeks, and then I’ll let you vote on which one you like best. The winner will not only be the one who’s design I use, but you’ll also get some cool stroller brigade swag, like the mug pictured below!

You’ll get not just this mug, but also a magnet and a keychain.

I want the Pumpkin Stroller Brigade to be what it’s members want it to be, so please feel free to send suggestions for things you’d like to see. Happy strollering!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Pumpkin’s Stroller Brigade

  1. wow- da girl so jealous dat me is not a good kitteh like you to go in a stroller. I would probably cause a BIG SCENE! MOL MOL, so cutes!!!

    Rocky fish (stephie’s fishy) probably be much better in a car ride too!

    Smokey (@stephieblue)

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