Welcome to the Pumpkin Stroller Brigade

Do you have a stroller, wagon, cart, or some other mode of transport (besides walking)? Are you an anipal on the go? Then you should join the Pumpkin Stroller Brigade! If you don’t have wheels, try to get your person to get some and get outside and have fun.

There are so many sizes, styles, and prices of strollers that there’s something for just about every anipal. So get yourself some wheels and join the Brigade! I’d love to feature pictures of my pals out and about in their wheels, so send in your pictures for my Brigade Gallery! Members can also post stories of their adventures.

This site is a work in progress. In addition to the gallery, I want to create a member’s badge that you can proudly display on your website! Those badges will also live here on a member’s page. I also want to have a page where I can list cool places that are stroller accessible, and have them grouped by state. If you have places you’d like listed, send me a link to their webpage if they have one, or the name and location if they don’t.

Already a member? Or just want some swag? Visit the Stroller Brigade Store!

Hope you’re having fun out there!

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